about me

I was born in Antwerp in Belgium on February 4, 1960.

My hometown is Kalmthout, a community north of Antwerp.

After finishing my lower secondary education, I switched to secondary technical education in the Technicum Londenstraat in Antwerp and obtained my A2 diploma in Decorative Arts.

After that I followed a 4-year higher art education at the Sint-Lucasinstituut in Brussels and obtained my Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture there..

The feature films I have worked on are:


"Astérix et le coup du ménhir" for Gaumont (Paris)

"Asterix in America" for Hahn Film (Berlin)

"Werner - das muss kesseln" for Trickompany (Hamburg)

"Werner - fulles rohr" for Trickompany (Hamburg)

"Kleines Arschloch" for Trickompany (Hamburg)

"Pipi Longstocking" for Trickompany (Hamburg)

"Help, I'm a fish" for A-Film (Copenhagen)

"The little polar bear" for Rothkirch/Cartoon-film (Berlin)

"Aïda" for Lanterna Magica (Turin)

"Jester Till" for De Familie Janssen (Antwerp)

"Das doppelte lottchen" for Trickompany (Hamburg)

"Dodo" for Rothkirch/Cartoon-film (Berlin)

"Werner - eiskalt" for Trickompany (Hamburg)

"Zarafa" for La Parti (Brussels) and Prima Linea Procuctions (Paris)

"Pinocchio" for Iris Productions (Luxemburg)

"Little Raven" for Studio 88 Werbe- und Trickfilm (Baden-Baden)



The TV series I have worked on are:


"Les Mondes Engloutis" for Pen-Film (Ghent) and France Animation (Paris)

"Tjilp de mus" for Atelier 5 (Antwerp)

"Le coup de bleu dans les étoiles" for Odec-Kid Cartoons (Brussels)

"Ivanhoe" for France Animation (Paris)

"Robinson Sucroë" for France Animation (Paris)

"Urmel" for Hahn Film (Berlin)

"Le cinquième Musquetère" for France Animation (Paris)

"City Mouse, Country Mouse" for France Animation (Paris)

"Pipi Longstocking" for Trickompany (Hamburg)

"Little Elvis" for France Animation (Paris)

"Karlsson on the roof" for Trickompany (Hamburg)

"Rocket Power" for Klasky Csupo (Los Angeles)

"The Mooh Brothers" for Niolan Productions (Ghent)



The comic albums of Spike and Suzy (Suske en Wiske) that I have worked on are:


"De kus van Odfella" - "De gevangene van Prisonov" - "De breinbrekers" - "Paniek in Palermo" - "Kaapse kaalkoppen" - "Verraad op De Veluwe" - " De flierende fluiter" - " De formidabele fantast"






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After my studies and then compulsory military service, I started looking for work. Because of my talent and love for drawing and film, I found work at Pen-film, a former animation film studio in Ghent. There, during the production of the TV series "Les Mondes Engloutis", I received a practical training as a cleanup draftsman and eventually assistant animator and so I lost my heart to cartoons for a long time.

After 3 years at Atelier 5 in Antwerp as a background artist and painter on the TV series "Tjilp de mus" I decided to build my career in animation film and went abroad.

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design for a seating area

Tjilp de mus

For more than 25 years I have worked on a total of 16 feature animated films, 13 TV series and some short films. My expertise eventually went from assistant animator to animator, layout artist and supervisor to storyboard artist.

In addition, during a period of 3 years I also worked on the comics of "Spike and Suzy".

Spike and Suzy

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In 2014 I had to stop my career due to health problems and I had to take a long rest period.

Now I'm back as a free artist and have started painting a series of works around the theme; "animals in nature with a touch of fantasy". I love people and animals and want to emphasize the beauty and importance of the environment while stimulating the imagination of the viewer.

In addition, I also like to paint portraits of people and animals and am open to possible assignments.

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