Animals and nature

Ever since I was a child, I have loved animals and nature and since I have always liked to draw and paint, that was also regularly the subject of my drawings and paintings. Now that I already have more experience, both artistically and on a life level, I would like to share this love for animals and nature and my vision of it, in order to give a piece of beauty and joy to everyone.

Man has largely lost his connection with nature, but we still depend on it for our survival. Through my artworks I try to make the viewer attentive to the beauty and importance of our environment. All life on earth is connected and there is more than what the human eye perceives, as well as the spiritual. However, most people no longer perceive this or deliberately block it.


The trade agreement

Oil on wooden panel

23,6 x 11,4 inch


price: 750€

A heron and its guides

Oil on canvas

59,05 x 39,37 inch

work in progress

© 2022

© 2022

However, the animals are still in the middle of nature and perceive more than the material. Many times I have stood in my porch and seen how my dog or cat was staring intently at a place outside in the garden. I then looked at that place in turn but saw nothing remarkable. My dog then turned his head at me and looked at me with a look of, "Don't you see that?"

Then I thought, "You apparently see more than I do."

Maybe he saw the creatures that I now conjure up from my imagination in my paintings.

I hope that I can also stimulate the imagination of all those who view my works.